Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hay House Writers Workshop

WOW! What an incredible journey the Hay House Writers workshop was! I was meant to be there on every level. Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart, Soul, and business too! Because I am on my path doing exactly what I am meant to do (my lifes work) I can not separate one from the other as it is all very intimitely connected. I almost didnt go because of advice that others told me. WOW! WOW! WOW! I am so happy with myself that I stopped listening to what other people tell me and went inside and listened very closely to my own inner wisdom and guidance about going.I learned sooooooo much that I couldn't possibly tell you everything that happened for that week in this blog as it would be WAYYY to long! But I will tell you this much: It started as soon as I got on the plane to go to Florida and the magic didn't stop until I literally fell asleep on my last night at home from my journey! MAGIC, PURPOSE, DESTINY, and the divine Universe letting me know that I am on my path doing exactly what I am meant to be doing. SO many guides, teachers, and allys, showing the way. I learned sooooo much and also taught others very valuable lessons. I discovered that I am a spiritual teacher as well as student. I am supported by the Universe sooo completely as many doors around me keep opening and there is so much love in and all around me!

I left to go to the workshop very excited as I was under the impression that Hay House would be reviewing all of my work (in person) and of course I was pretty sure I would be getting a publishing deal because my next book is soooo completely FANTASTIC and right up their ally and of course Om Baby is just the coolest character for kids EVER and its such a powerful and need messege that needs to be out there in a BIG way. (sorry I know this sounds conceited but honestly I really like what I have created and believe in what I am doing so much so I'm just being honest.) Besides if I didnt believe in what I was doing then how would I expect anyone else to!
I was disappointed to find out that not only was there a few hundred other very creative people competing for the same publishing deal but that Hay House immediately announced that none of us were allowed to give them any marketing material, manuscripts, etc... (Of course I had a packet and book prepared especially for them and tried anyways...I get that level of persistence from my dad. He always told me if you don't get yourself out there no one else is going to do it for you. SO anyways I tried! I did get my book on stage so that was quite cool and hopefully it did get delivered to Wayne Dyer in the end.)
Anyway, Hay House also announced that they would not be personally reviewing our work at this workshop. Instead they would be teaching us how to write a book proposal and then we would send our proposal to them later for their review. I honestly felt devastated at first about this but as the week progressed I realized it was actually perfect this way. The Universe/God/Goddess (All the same thing to me) gives us what we need, not always what we think we want or need. And so now that I have sat through workshops all week educating myself about book proposals, plat form building, and the proper ways to get the attention of publishers. I not only have a better chance at success but I also have some more time on my hands to put together a professional book proposal. I am now working on preparing my book proposal for not only Hay House but for other agents, and publishers too. I am attending another writers/illustrators conference in April. I am very excited about that as well! I already sent in my manuscript for their review.

Cheryl Richardson was one of the brilliant teachers at the Hay House writers conference and it was her that said to me that my idea was a good one and why am I limiting myself to Hay House for publication. She encouraged me to really put my myself and my work out there. I listened and am facing my fears and just going for it. Why not! She also told us all that if we are truly on our path doing what we are meant to do and we are doing it from a place of love, and service then as long as we are passionate, work hard, are lead and directed by the heart then we will succeed. She also said it takes about 10 years of really hard work to become an overnight success!

Cheryl Richardson really inspired me on MANY, MANY levels. I consider her a mentor for me. As she was speaking I had the idea to do a story time event for the children of the attendees of the workshop as this is where the heart of what I do is at. Sharing stories and creating special bonding moments with children through my stories. This for me is what its all about! And so I went in to the day care they had set up at the workshop and donated my time to doing a story time event. I had no idea I would end up with almost 30 kids! WOW! It was AMAZING!!!!! I did not just simply read Om Baby. I made the whole experience interactive and used Om Baby as a "concept teaching tool." For example: I would read "Om Baby Loves His Mother" and show them the illustration. I would then explain that this is a double meaning about loving your own mommy and also about loving and respecting the mother earth. I then asked the kids to give me examples about how they showed their own mom and planet earth how they loved them. It was very sweet how involved they all became in contributing their wisdom to the story. At the end I led them trough some yoga, some om-ing, and we all held hands in a circle as I spoke about community and then I had each and everyone of them say something nice to someone in their circle which I explained to them was their "local community" for this week. Om Baby was a fantastic teaching tool for teaching values, virtues, morals, and was a simple and fun way to bring the children closer to one another as a loving and peaceful community with each other. At the end of the Om Baby story time I told the kids that they had two options...They could go and play or they could listen to me read the next Om Baby story which was my new book called Planet Om and that I would ask questions about what they thought of it. I didn't expect that everyone would want to stay and listen! All the kids stayed and intently listened as I read! They were genuinely engaged and loved Planet Om! YAY! Kids are the most honest, direct, and impatient audience to read to. And that they sat and listened to me for over an hour was such a HUGE compliment. AWESOME! I got some great feedback and so I gave the children who helped me out a signed Om Baby Book. It was a beautiful experience for everyone. I LOVED it! I mean really, really LOVED it! This was the most fun I had had all week and believe me the whole journey was INCREDIBLE! The whole experience left me giddy with joy, excitement, and very passionate about all that is to come! I am very excited to do more story time events as this is my favorite part of the process and the whole reason for doing it! Anyone want to book me for story time at your school, day care, earth day event, play date, me at and I will be happy to do it for free!

All my best,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ancient Egyptian Om Babies!!!

WOW! When I was at the Hay House writing workshop I went to the King Tutankhamun exhibit. This was totally random. Had no idea I was going to do that on that day or any day of the journey really. Just got out of an intense writing workshop and thought I would venture into town by myself and saw the sign for the Egyptian exhibit and of course could not pass it by! (It was the same exhibit I saw when I was in fourth grade.) WOW!

Seeing the exhibit when I was in fourth grade changed my life as it was the first time I had really been exposed to Ancient Egypt (at least in this lifetime). I was just a little girl...I cried and cried and felt as if I had just found my "real" family. I felt that the Egyptians were my long lost family and I wanted to go home. I remember looking at one of the necklaces on display and thinking it belonged to me and I wanted it back. (This necklace was not at this exhibit as of course I looked for it.) I became obsessed with anything and everything Egyptian from that point on.

When I was around 14 years old my dad and I were eating at a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant in Rock Springs Wyoming and my fortune cookie said "You will go to Egypt". I showed the fortune to my dad and told him that yes indeed one day I would go to Egypt and I did.

I went to meditate and pray for world peace on my own with Power Place Tours in Egypt for the millennium. (1999-2000) It was a very powerful journey for me on every level. I felt more at home in Egypt than I have ever felt anywhere. But it was also sad as it all had changed and was not the same as it once had been. I could feel the coldness of many years of war and the air was thick with the smell of bloodshed. I however felt more peace in Egypt than anywhere that I have ever been and felt "home".

I am now 36 years old and am married with a three year old and another on the way. I had asked the Universe/God/The Creator (all the same to me) what my path and life work was when I had my first son and I received a vision of the character "Om Baby" and so I followed my vision and have written/illustrated my very first children's book Om Baby, Child of the Universe which introduces the character Om Baby to the world. I also decided to self published Om Baby this last year. Quite an accomplishment! Om Baby is now in all the best stores in the Seattle area including all Whole Foods Markets in the Pacific Northwest and has received national distribution by the biggest distributors in the world! Ingram, Baker and Taylor, New Leaf, Partners West, Amazon, and I have developed Om Baby organic t-shirts, onesies, Om Baby shoes and more to come! BUT BEST of all CHILDREN LOVE OM BABY! I am really on my path doing what I am meant to do! Wonderful how doors open and magic happens when you are living your dream!

So make my final point and the reason I am writing this.....When I was at this Egyptian exhibition last week and saw the thousand and thousand year old Om Baby drawings in the Ancient Egyptian tombs of King Tutankhamun my jaw fell and hit the ground. I got soooooooo excited because in that very moment I knew with everything within me that my path is bigger than me. Bigger than what I can comprehend. I without any doubt truly had a vision. It wasn't just my imagination running wild. It was most definitely the creator at work moving through me and guiding me to tell a story that needs to be told.
I love affirmations from spirit.

Please pray for Egypt as times are very difficult for them right now.

Schamet Horsfield

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Story time event at Bootyland 2010

What a wonderful Om Baby story time event we had at Bootyland! It truly was a magical day as the store owners daughters LOVE Om Baby! Right before I began the reading Ellies oldest daughter said to me very matter of fact that Om Baby was her little sisters favorite book and she read it to her everyday and that she had become somewhat of an expert at reading Om Baby. She explained that she even had some of it memorized and she offered to do the story time event.

Why not, I thought to myself and I agreed. I must admit my inner Om Baby was delighted to be read to. All of the kids were mesmerized by this cute young girl reading Om Baby and were completely focused and listening to the story! She was soooo completely fantastic I asked her if she would like to be in an Om Baby video! Her mother Ellie delightfully agreed and we all got to together a few weeks later and did another Om Baby story time event but this time we filmed it! So this is my next project...editing together an Om Baby story time event video! I did go to film school after all so I might as well put those skills to use. However it might take a little time as we are in the process of moving, will be traveling overseas for the holidays, I will be attending a week long writers workshop, but as soon as I can there will be an Om Baby video for all to see!!!!!
BIG THANK YOU to Ellie, Raven, Cedar, Twilight, and all of their sweet friends that participated in the Om Baby story time event.

Blessed be,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Om Baby update!

Wow! What a journey all of this self publishing has been so far! I am definitely on my path doing exactly what I am meant to. I love it when everything just keeps coming together as if magic was guiding the way and divinity is lighting the way! I have been interviewed on radio three times and that was super awesome!I have done many book signing events and story time events. I love working with children. They LOVE OM Baby! My soul is happy. I have even done a few speaking engagements. I love sharing my Om Baby story and inspiring others to make their dreams come true. I have really enjoyed being on radio and am looking forward to being on TV. The truth is I get really nervous about the idea of it and then when I am on and am being asked about Om Baby....I am just so passionate about what I am doing that I love sharing the message. My story comes from my heart and I love delivering this message! When I am downloading the information my ego goes away and I am a channel of inspiration which feels healing to me and to others.
So, yes if you are reading this and you want me to be on your radio or TV show, or you want me to do story time....Contact me because the answer will most likely be yes!

On another note Om Baby has been reviewed for national distribution and that is in the works! Yippee!!! I have a few wholesalers...New Leaf and Partners West. I was getting exhausted doing all the distribution myself. So it will be nice to have help getting Om Baby out there to the world!

And the most exciting news of all is I am almost finished writing my next three Om Baby books in the series and in fact the next books text is finished! A little excerpt from the book which also introduces the clothing line:

"Om Baby's home Planet Om is a planet of peace where Om Beings respect each other and hug the trees."

This next book is Om baby's adventure story of where he is from and the Om Baby back story with an interesting twist!
Planet Om is also the private clothing label in which features my Om Baby designs!
Check it out
I have been just a little bit busy!!!!

Love and more to come....Schamet

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The reasons Schamet chose to self publish Om Baby, Child of the Universe...

Schamet made the choice to self publish for several reasons. The most important reason is that she was able to control the outcome of her product. She had a vision that Om Baby had to be printed using soy inks, recycled paper, and that a tree should be planted for each book sold. Schamet also decided that she would not cut costs by having her books made or printed in China for political reasons. If she had been published she would not be able to make those decisions. Another reason Schamet decided to self publish was the amazing learning curve that it provided as Schamet loves a good challenge! And the best part of all it has inspired others to also make their dreams come true. Which is what Om Baby is about. You don't necessarily always have to follow "the rules" in order to do what you want to do. You don't have to "fit into" a square hole if you are a round peg.

Be who you want to be and do what you love! Schamet believes that dreams do come true and you don't need someone else to make them come true for you. You just have to believe in you and get out there and do it! BE who you want to be and do something that matters. YOU can make your dreams come true!

On that note.....
Om Baby signed a petition to stop the destruction of rain forests and so can you!

Every time you buy a "cheap book" ask yourself....
Is it "cheap" or is it "deceptively expensive" in the long run.
Please take the time to be informed...Please read/sign this petition from Rain Forest Action Network.

New Report Finds Top Children’s Book Publishers Using Paper Linked to Rainforest Destruction

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Om Baby book release was Earth day 2010!

Wow!!!! I am really on my path and doing what I am meant to do! It feels great! I have had four book signings so far and each and every one has been completely amazing. I love being surrounded by small children inquiring about Om Baby, asking questions, and completely absorbing every single thing I say! The kids especially LOVE Om Baby! My story time/book signing events have been at Kids Quest, Seattle Holistic Center, Leap for Green (an Earth Day event on Mercer Island), and Soulfoods Books in Redmond.
On Earth Day we ended the story time event with some yoga and we said a blessing for the Earth, for family, and community. My Om Baby events have become more than just a is my path of healing, and bringing a message to the future ambassadors of peace, caretakers/stewards of planet earth, and leaders of the next generation.

I can make a difference on this planet and I AM, in my Om Baby Mama kind of way!

I am now working on editing the footage as the events were taped and I will post a U-Tube video. This will take some time as its been a very long time since I have done any film related work.
Om Baby, Child of the Universe has been very well received and in fact everyone who reviews it loves it and then buys it! Fantastic!
I LOVE being a mom, LOVE being a children's book author, and LOVE sharing my story with children and their family. How absolutely wonderful my life is! I feel very blessed. I seriously want to go on a book tour! Hmmmmmm...must also look into how that will manifest....

Here are some reviews/blogs people have posted about my book:
Om Baby has been selected as "Green Book of the week!"
Review by Eco-Libris
Kids Quest
Seattle Holistic Center
Blog by Lynette of Crazed Mind

Monday, December 21, 2009

Om Baby book update

I wanted to get a nice shot of Octavius wearing his Om Baby shoes from zazzle and Om Baby t-shirt from cafe press and WOW! I got the best photo ever! He looks sooooo adorable!!!!

We are enjoying our time in New Zealand. Octavius just turned two and had a wonderful birthday surrounded by his NZ family and friends.

I would like to update everyone about my book...
Om Baby books will be available this March, 2010. Just in time for Earth day!

I apologize that it has taken this long but I ran into some bumps along the way. It is a challenge to make a children's book with recycled paper. I was diligent and steadfast about making the highest quality book possible, greenest book possible, and with a printer I could trust and have a good working relationship with.
Good things come to those who do not give up, or give in!

The company I am working with has done some work for Hay House publishing.
The quality is beautiful and I love working with them.

The contents of Om Baby are printed with soy based inks on paper
from responsibly managed forests and contain 25% post-consumer recycled fiber.
And the best news of all...."Om Baby plants trees!"
A tree will be planted for each Om Baby book made by a company called Eco Libris.

Om Baby, Child of the Universe is 40 pages. Hard cover. Full color illustrations.
8.5 by 8.5 inches square.

It is going to be beautiful!
I am sooooooo excited.

All the best,